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ANNOUNCING National Park road series

BUFFALO ROAD: A Yellowstone Park Love Story by Bett Bone

Book 1 National Park Road Series Starts in Yellowstone 


Yellowstone National Park—with its unique personality—is a main character in this story of change, renewal, and relationships. 

LCCN: 2017902888  ©2017


Buffalo Road Available Paperback &Kindle


Travel the area by road

 highlighted by wildlife,  detailed with ancient and prehistoric stories,and wrapped in romance, friendship, and laughter. 

Pack extra smiles for this trip

be prepared to fall in love with Yellowstone But watch out for the buffalo & grizzlies!

For more park photos and series and author info see https://bettboneuthor.com

NEW RELEASE book 2 now available

GOING TO THE SUN ROAD:A Glacier Park Love Story by Bett Bone

Journey to the CROWN OF THE CONTINENT in Book 2 in the series on the scenic curves of GOING TO THE SUN ROAD a National Historic Landmark in Book 2 of the National Park Road Series  

The glaciers in the park are melting fast, but the landscape the ICE AGE  sheets and mountain glaciers carved is the real story of Glacier National Park ... or is it?  Find out a deeper story hidden before your eyes.


Going to the Sun Road

Now Available Paperback & Kindle


travel fiction, history, romance and laughter

WHAT IS NEXT? In 2020 look for third in series

ROAD TO MAZAMA: A Crater Lake Park Love Story